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... harnessing the 6 Critical Elements To A Successful Starseed Group for more effective global meditations to free the planet faster.

Meditators, Energy Workers & Spiritualists of ALL experience levels are discovering ...

a new way of freeing yourself &Gaia

Organizing & Stabilizing

The 6 main reasons why Starseed / Lightworker / Meditation Groups haven't reached their potential - finally covered.

Find out how we've cracked the code to UNITY.

Unity = Success = Freedom

More below.

Building The Numbers

... in a RELIABLE way through a new member supported model, so you never have to worry or be frustrated by whether critical-mass is reached or not (critical mass # of meditators = MORE planetary transformation). Find out how, below.

Support & Protection

Protection protocols that work &  free tools provided to all 144k Members - along with bi-weekly radio broadcasts for further support & Unity to keep you going & in-the-game with energy & motivation.

An Infiltration Free Group

Finally ... the endemic issue of infiltration resolved, both during meditations & the group itself.  Time to unleash your potential. Find out how this is even possible, through the 6 Critical Elements below.

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A Revolution ... in Planetary Liberation.

Thanks to the game changing ...


6 Critical Elements to a Successful Starseed/Meditation 



THERE'S GOOD REASON FOR YOU TO GET EXCITED (just promise to stay grounded during this discovery :- )

you can also apply the 6 CRITICAL ELEMENTS in your current or new group to make it stronger & more effective. 



  • ... OR become 144K Member, and join a movement that is infiltration free - during meditations too

  • be part of a Starseed/Meditation Group that's cracked the code to Unity

  • meditations are professionally (PROPERLY) promoted to boost numbers better, to CONSISTENTLY reach critical mass number of meditators, for far quicker manifested freedom - thanks to a new, easy, innovative, member supported model

  • mass meditations are completely free to participate in

  • utilizing unheard of Levels of Light from above the Multiverse, for unprecedented levels of power & BACKING ... (Source does not intervene directly - it authorizes)​

  • using new & effective pre & post meditation protection methods to minimize 'kickback'

  • discover free & paid ways to radically improve your own psychic abilities, channel more Light, thus increase your own frequency timelines to 'bigger & better'

  • with long neglected & NEW methods of support,  training & organization for every dedicated & serious  Starseed / Lightworker - to keep you going ... stay motivated ... & energized

  • + other elements detailed below to LEGITIMIZE and INTEGRATE the Army of Light WITHIN the matrix (no ... this has NOT happened yet)

  • and YOUR unique soul task is safely allowed to PERFORM, as one part of 6 Critical Elements to accelerated liberation

  • if you're guided to join the 144K Starseed Group, you'll receive ROBUST supporting tools ... links to the live platform for the next global ADVANCED Mass Meditation (newbies are supported) ... and a free course on The 6 Critical Elements To A Successful Meditation/Starseed Group, to accelerate planetary liberation. 

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Through awareness of even just 4 of  The 6 Critical Elements below, finally discover

... Why Planetary Liberation Has Taken So Long

Organic 'viral' methods to notify enough people CONSISTENTLY ... have simply failed

Years of attempts to notify as many people as possible for upcoming mass meditations - organically - have failed, much to humanity's cost. Online paid promotions are needed.


Above is a typical result of trying to spread the word on FB for a recent Mass Meditation.


the organic reach Vs paid reach. 

Potentially a world changing difference!

Unfortunately, You Tube & FB don't work for free. This means a SERIOUS Starseed/Mass Meditation Group that can REALLY SHAKE THINGS UP on a CONSISTENT basis ...  must be self-funding & be more organized & legitimate - WITHIN the 3D as well.


So ... instead of donating, why not support this effort by healing yourself instead & be guided in advanced meditation secrets 'in-the-field'... to channel more Light during 144k mass-meditations ... by investing in the breakthrough 4 Phase Exponential Healing & Clearing System at 33.33% Off - for 144k members only.


Although it's not compulsory to be a 144k Member (the meditations are free), we do have an Army of Light to train & strengthen after-all, so they will be more powerful & effective.

With the ODD exception, trying to contact audience/group leaders to unite big groups has failed again & again. We must unify onto ONE meditation list

Meditation / Lightworker groups are scattered.  There's not enough UNITY.  And audience (metaphysical/spiritual) leaders are way too pre-occupied & busy with their own thing. God knows we tried very hard to UNITE separate groups by trying to get their attention. It's time to get practical ... real ... and sensible, by all of us being on ONE communication list. Imagine the power!

Commander Souls (Ashtar-type Souls), in concert with Beyond Multiversal Light Beings (for FAR more power) - easily spot & shut down infiltration (during Meditations too - including A.I.) to also minimize post meditation 'kick-back' ... so YOU can SHINE

As FM144 stated, physical & non-physical infiltration of Lightworker/Starseed Groups is probably the biggest problem.

However ... There are several different types of souls, each with their own attributes. One kind are the Commander type Souls, who are designed to provide responsible ... effective ... & inspirational command of organizations, like Ashtar.


And yes ... such a soul has been able to step-up to the plate, (but only recently) so that YOUR unique soul talents & attributes can SHINE during specific moments in these advanced 144k Meditations. Such beings with such experience, KNOW how to spot & shut down any attempts or risks of infiltration during the meditations themselves & thus increase the effectiveness of  the meditations.

The unrecognized need to combine UNITY focus during meditations, with moments of INDIVIDUAL unique soul purpose & talent fulfillment ... to DOUBLE mass-meditation power

This is somewhat of a secret to powerful Mass Meditations, no other groups seems to be aware of. But is CRUCIAL.

Whether you think you do ... or think you don't ... chances are, practically all of us are here with special abilities, that are pre-ordained to be performed & implement 'as tasks' ... at the right time. That's the basic truth.


You just needed the ENERGETIC BACKING (protection & support)  during Mass Meditations from Beyond Multiversal Levels of Light & 'Ashtar types' - who easily handle ANY level of 'shadow' ... so you can finally & totally fulfill your sacred soul promise & purpose. 


Gaia needs your unique soul talents ... and now you can finally & safely provide it ... to free this planet sooner.

The 144k does not just do generic Mass Meditations & call-it-a-day!

This Call To Healing, Justice & Freedom

See if the 144K is right for you, by UNITING with us on the same notification email list on the right (or below, for mobile) to also receive the other 2 critical elements - in the more expanded ...
6 Critical Elements to a Successful Starseed /Meditation Group -
... and also access the times & platform for the live broadcast of the next 144k Mass Meditation

Want the next 2 Elements for your empowerment?

What others are saying ...

Why the 144k?

" ... Why the 144k meditation group?   ...It matches my frequency in all aspects; perfect speed and rhythm of your guidance, perfect visualizations, clear objectives which match mine,  perfect synchronization ( it happened in all your meditations that I was already working on something particular, before you verbalized the same.. stunning) ..."  *


- Maria

I was contacted!

" ... During my meditation, I was contacted by my star family. This time much more clear than the previous times. They told me, they were here this time to help me heal and to upgrade my abilities to communicate telepathically. My communication with them was clearer than ever.


At the end of their presence, they showed me, how they reinforced an electrical stream in my pineal gland. With open eyes I literally looked at the operation, like it was a movie running right in front of me - like a close up of my pineal gland, where I could see the stream of electricity running through the gland got stronger and stronger. During the whole meeting tears of joy and gratitude was running down my cheeks. *


Gitte from Denmark

I feel fearless.

I got such a great healing out of the experience, and I feel empowered and capable, and fearless. I got my fire back!   In other words, I feel like my old self again ..! "  *


Truly very powerful.

" ... I have never felt such a sustained energy for so long in any other meditation. I held it as long as I could and I really felt that it made a large impact on destroying the dark forces’ hold on Gaia and humanity. I also was guided at times to surround her in a sparkling pinkish gold light. The whole meditation was truly a very powerful and grand experience! ..."


- Jeannine

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