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Combating Disinformation Successfully, Cabal Desperate For Gold & Cashed Bonds, and Revealing Ta

Sure enough ... Ground Crew Command predicted the Cabal will be allowed to continue along for a bit more after the May 1st deadline because all the plasma toplet bombs (preventing the removal of the Cabal in one fell-swoop) haven't been removed yet ... and that's whats happened.

Join us & the awakened around the world for this week's revealing show (Wed-May 3rd 9pm EDT) for more empowering clarity & calming - grounded analysis of this week's journey to planetary liberation, where we get into:

  • the latest dis-info campaigns against Cobra & Corey Goode, and the truth behind these latest divide & conquer methods.... and what to do about it.

  • the latest on the Cabal trying to save itself & staving off the inevitable, including the cliff-hanger over control of Japan.

  • Positive military steps up alt-media attacks on elite Pedo-rings & Deep State

  • the current exo-political & exo-military situation on this planet with this week's special guest.

  • how the earth alliance closed the technology gap with the dark fleet and Interplanetary Corporate Conglomorate (ICC).

  • ... and much more

This week's special guest: Global CE-5 ET Contact Initiative head Kosta Makreas & Hollis Polk

For the past few years, ETLetsTalk has successfully gotten TENS of thousands around the world to physically gather in their local areas every month... make contact with our off-world families & genetic cousins... and INVITE them.

We get into why ETLetsTalk is so important and how it helps the awakening & planetary liberation process. Plus get into more revealing & intimate discussions with Kosta & Hollis about the current exo-political & exo-military situation.

Don't miss out... Join us & the awakened around the world this Wed-May 3rd 9pm EDT and get your weekly dose of empowering clarity, inspiration & motivation to keep you going through the Archon invented "work week"... by clicking here: ... and hit the follow button for show reminders & or download/stream missed shows. But before you go, hit the SHARE button below. Spreading this info is important...

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