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BIG STIR Caused by 144k Campaign Announcement, Thanks to its MASSIVE Potential. The One Story You Do

Last week’s announcement of the Re-Activation of the 144,000 (as a coordinated 'professional' outfit) Campaign, has caused quite a stir … mostly in a positive, constructive & impassioned sense.

Clearly this has really hit a cord, been a big source of inspiration, and hit a raw nerve ... all at the same time.

… and understandably so.

Such an intense potential of an ‘idea’ (more like download) on planetary liberation, that’s so closely aligned with so many Lightworkers’ soul path & purpose … is likely to stir passions. Both good & bad.

I’ve had at least 3 immediate responses I had the chance to look at.

Two of them simply said: “ … I’m actually available full-time, how can I help … what can I do?!”

So the calling & soul based inspiration bug was definitely awakened. That’s important, and a great start. Meaning … the message & idea is right, (from a multi-dimensional perspective).

The other was a great – constructive criticism & objection based – long email, from a high level Goddess type heavily involved in planetary work.

In the 3D, this person is a quite high powered player at the international level.

So you know the criticism & objections were made for very good & important reasons … and also from a spiritual/energetic reason.

Because the Re-Activation of the 144,000 Campaign is so crucial … and potentially CENTRAL … to future planetary liberation efforts, I’m postponing this week’s interview to address these objections, with full transparency … disclosure … and heart level sincerity with clear goals, to insure for you that this is REAL, and going to be done properly.

Further more … these objections & questions will most likely come up in people’s minds, as the outreach gets rolled out & watched by hundreds of thousands.

So this must be addressed, clarified & discussed … to allay any disbelief … doubt … & skepticism, which Gaia cannot afford right now.

Objections such as:

“ … Many very experienced lighworkers/warriors, who in fact would be amenable to coordinated work, might not feel comfortable in the context of a militarily structured organization under command...… some may, but not 144K.. and certainly not a large part of capable female Lighworkers … “

Why do you say that: “ ... haphazard, occasional unity and loose coordination of large audience groups for mass energetic action like mass meditations, is no longer able to hold (as an energetic structure) our overall efforts & momentum to the Event in the midst of such intense energies from within & without. …

… All this....and more, will all be addressed.

Through true transparency … clarification … and proper understanding, we can unite better, and form a resulting stronger and more unified unified connection.

One things is for sure … It’s time to honor, uphold & live out our true purpose here on this planet at this time … on a whole new level, partly because this authorizes more power to be activated within us by our respective Higher Selves & I AM Presences.

[UPDATE: 12:43am PDT, Wed 27th] And all this dovetails perfectly into the highly controversial Cosmic Disclosure episode (S8 - Ep7, The Ascension Of Earth, which I only just watched) that has caused a lot of fear ... at worst, confusion at best (throughout FB chat groups worldwide, etc) ... where Corey explains that "we have to step up" & improve things to a point where we merge with the highest timeline that removes any need for the Anshar to start leaving our time/space reality/timeline.

Clarification will be provided about this highly charged episode ... which clearly supports & confirms the need for such campaigns as the Re-Activation of the 144,000 ... to a point where you'll receive one of the most galvanizing, uplifting, and revelatory realizations for the first time, in a long time.

Let’s do it …

… by seeing you on Ground Crew Command Radio ... your weekly dose of empowering clarity, inspiration & motivation to get you through the Archon invented "work week". (& Hit the Follow button for show reminders & recordings)

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Goddess Has Authorized … The Next Phase of Planetary Liberation Efforts

Who will join me?

Arise … Grande Army of the 144,000

This week’s news:

Planetary Liberation News Analysis:

What To Shine The Transmutational Light Of Your Consciousness On This Week!

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  • Trump’s “ … totally destroy North Korea”, rhetoric at the UN explained. What it really means. No, it’s not because of a Cabal bribe, or that he’s gone crazy.

  • What any “war” with NK, will actually look like.

  • We dissect the ramifications of the Dragon Family releasing funds to the US, Russian & Chinese militaries to; “ … clean up the situation in Korea, Japan, and elsewhere” according to Fulford’s source.

  • China’s #2 man & de-facto finance chief Wang Qishan, who is also leading anti-corruption in China and now holding secret meetings with true Constitutionalist, former Navy (meaning; positive military member) Steve Bannon – Is he an agent for the Dragon Family?

  • ... and much more.

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