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Plasma Worm Attacking Us All - Now's Our Chance to Fight Back!

This is a short by me, because of the crisis situation that's also a huge opportunity.

We have a CRITICAL WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY to dissolve this plasmoid wormlike entity forever…..

.... and the entity knows this

.... which is why the attacks on Lightworkers are so fierce right now.

December 16, 2017: Drastic Isidic/Systems security breach at 504, black alert, grid ratio failure.


Tomorrow, December 17th …..a Multidimensional Portal will open.

From December 17th through December 25th, 2017, with the key moment being at the Winter Solstice on December 21st, 2017.

For those of you who are able to do this DAILY during this critical window of opportunity, throw your weight behind this powerful Multi-Dimensional Portal Meditation at 2:30 PM GMT starting tomorrow, December 17th and continuing through Monday, December 25th.

Here's the link that automatically adjusts to your timezone:

Here's the guided meditation to follow at these times:

Share this meditation….and help make it viral by committing to posting about it in 10 places (or informing 10 different groups of people). This is what we'll have to do until the 144,000 numbers are manifested under one UNITED email list.

If everyone reading this post commits to this, we can achieve CRITICAL MASS in a very short time!

As described in the Situation Update in Cobra's post on December 7th:

"There is a full scale battle for planet Earth ongoing on the plasma plane in sublunar space right now. The light forces are focused on removing the wormlike plasmoid entity that has entered our Solar system from Orion in 1996 and is now wound up around planet Earth ... "

Special Decree to help trigger the Event - to be done just before the Multi-Dimensional Portal Meditation:

The Unknown Lightwarrior

... now hit the share button!

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