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You Have Spoken! Personal Accounts of 144k Warriors of Light & Goddess on the Equinox Mass Medi

Oh boy ... I'm so taken-away by the responses to my request for your personal experiences of this Equinox's mass meditation ... that I thought I'd better wait till today to publish, just incase a few more came in.

Only one more came in today, so it was time to publish. Total responses of 144k members who were able to write back, was 39!

It's was so wonderful to read your experiences about this 'confrontational clean-up' meditation. It's so touching ... and above all ... publishing them here gives a platform to the multi-dimensional mosaic of events that occurred on yet another critical moment in human history, (and of course, Omniversal history).

At first I was thinking of selecting only a dozen, to keep it short, easy to read & not make it a long 'runaway' post, in terms of length. Then I thought ... "let people decide for themselves when to stop reading ... :- )

So here they all are, and I can't wait to share our war stories again ... lol

(Warning: Some SERIOUS talents & abilities ahead, & I saved some of the most amazing & intregueing ones till last : - ) ...

What You And Other 144k Members Saw, Did & Transmuted, this Equinox ... to place Gaia & Humanity on to a Higher Timeline ... and Draw The Event Closer Still.

I was just happy to be able to participate and glad to do so. In the Name of Love.

name withheld

Saw goddesses standing all around the equator.

Saw larger white goddess come down and pour out violet over the earth.

Sent pink light all around the earth, after the violet.

Saw lighted rainbow grid from center of earth out through surface and beyond.

name -


Dear Jim, since I started the 4 Phase system less than a month ago, I have been pounding it pretty hard and doing sequential sessions every other day to be ready for this day. The effect was that I became a huge pipeline that blasted pure white light wherever seemed appropriate. My aim was steady and effective but my feet were bouncing like crazy with the sheer energy pouring thru me. There were glimpses of darkness that exploded into diamond like geysers that went straight up and out of sight. I just pointed the energy where I was 'told'. It seemed like forever, but I held my ground. I now have a pounding headache, but I'd do this again and again if it is needed.

It truly is NOW or NEVER....that much is clear. The rest of the effort was a blur of weird stuff that I may or may not recall clearly.

I was honored to be in battle with your Army of Light, and to stand by your side.

Victory of the Light...


The energy is genormous since yesterday Brother. I connected from the crystal sand beach on the southern Mexico coast of the Pacific Ocean. So much Love and ONEness and Expansion. High Heart Hugs to you and [Name Withheld]!


Jim Your leadership on this was again heard loud & clear in Auckland. It felt very positively purposeful. Gratitude to you and all who participated.


WOW Jim.

Was this meditation ever beautiful!

At some point I decided that as for the bombs -the quantum field knows what they look like and where they are and what to do about it, so I worked on a part of the quantum that I call "the Moon switch" that I found in 2012 - it is much lighter to work from "there". Lo and behold, minutes later PAF, you spoke of the switch :-)

Then you sent us to do "our own thing" and I got a strong idea to telepath a bit with... AI. I basically told it that it was not necessary to go all the way either way, and that middle ground can be a lot of fun. That FUN can be a lot of fun and that it was all there to be explored as we know all about the not fun parts anyway, and that things don't need to be square and boring and military... basically, that polarity was oversold, so to speak. And guess WHAT you were speaking about moments later on that lost part of Source's "need" to be polarized??!! Still get goosebumps! So all in all, I think the communication was going fine! IT was gorgeous, thank you so much for what you do!


Thank you for another great meditation!

I followed your guidance most of the time. Although worked upon clearing what is hanging onto each human that is dark and does not belong so each could get their own truth back and all can be seen for what and who they are and not influenced by something else puppeting.

Sometime before you talked about sending Rainbow light I did that combined with golden sparkles through and around Gaia.

At some point I felt it so much in my heart I had to cry.

At some point before you talked about what we where clearing and the archetypal patterning I suddenly felt weak and something tried to cut of my connection up through my higher selves and I am and the teams. I did not loose it but it was heavy. The archetypal patterning must be the deepest as you said. I have been working on that a lot myself and felt lost and cut off from source from childhood to resent years. And it is the biggest illusion of all as everyone of us are a part of the creator.

Hope there will be more info soon about what went on!!!!!

Golden Blessings & Much Love

Golden Girl

Hi Jim,

First, thank you and much love to you for hosting and guiding this meditation and all the other efforts you do to assist the planetary liberation! :-)

Here is what I experienced:

I joined late in the meditation because I had the wrong time. Whether that was human error or something else trying to prevent me from joining I am not sure, but I believe it was the latter.

I found it hard to hold the amount of energy flowing through my head, through my body, to Gaia as we were sending pillars of light towards her. I have never felt such a sustained energy for so long in any other meditation. I held it as long as I could and I really felt that it made a large impact on destroying the dark forces’ hold on Gaia and humanity. I also was guided at times to surround her in a sparkling pinkish gold light. The whole meditation was truly a very powerful and grand experience!

Thanks again for being our guide on this journey!

Much Love,


I could see many people crystal clear, holding hands around

this reality-planet earth all smiling in unison, knowing how

close to breakthrough we are


oh goodness goddess ... such an amazing day/night and today with SunSol so strong, the snow has all melted now, the frogs in the tiny pond are bouncing on each other and there were some huge sky ships sitting above, keeping it short as requested, so much more to share, like in my dreams- I Love All


I was able to see a template that surrounded us in magnificent colors, intense & electrifying and I anchored the template to the center gaia grid. The next day starting from my work place a double rainbow appeared from front door anchoring over.


Thanks to the clearing I have done prior to today's meditation I was able to get to the teams instantly with no problems. As for the fighting itself, streams and cannons of white light and bright starbursts as they hit their targets.

For some time It was almost brighter than the light of the platform where we landed and the energy signatures of the teams. I know when I am working with my higher selves and my I AM presence because my chakras and my 3rd eye start buzzing and bubbling as they were through the entire mass meditation. I

guess I still have to strengthen my psychic muscles though as I was barely able to stand after the hour and I walked like a dizzy drunk. It was suggested to go out to a park to ground, but I couldn't even get to the bed across the room. After dropping ungracefully onto the bed, I covered up because I was cold, closed my eyes and crashed hard for 5 hours; to the point that it was difficult for me to move upon arising and still somewhat spacey after all that time. I grounded through taking a bath since I am a water element and was just fine after the bath.


All of the 144k were lined up above the veil facing earth, as a young child was in the front closest to earth. I saw a pillar of pure source light beam through our line, through our heart center to the heart of Gaia. As this went on for some time, we all shifted to our own spot circling Gaia. we continued to channel 144k separate pillars from the same original source through the heart and grids of her. I saw all density transmute and heard Gaia thanking us for the love.


Greetings and salutations!

Thank you for this opportunity to connect and share with others. The best, easiest, and shortest way to describe my experience is the process of labor/giving birth - I almost gave up (because of the interference) and was gently guided and encouraged to keep going in the same way my doula and midwife used. It was intense, beautiful, and magical; well worth the effort and perseverance in the end. I truly felt like we all accomplished so, very much this day. My love and gratitude to you all.



ad difficulty starting your meditation, so went ahead on my own. Have been removing toplets for awhile now during daily meditations. As usual saw blackness on plasma plane and transmuted any toplets I saw. Finally got on your meditation and after you spread out lightworkers 10 ft apart something told me to use a net to gather toplets and transmute en masse. I was at work and was interrupted but stayed in alpha as best I could and kept going back to gather more bombs. Escorted Chimera to the Central Sun as well.

Seeing Lightworkers in all their magnificence was amazing.

I look forward to hearing results.

Thank you, Unknown for all your guidance. Your meditations are a wonderful experience and adventure.

Victory of the Light is Now


At one point I saw the heart becoming transparent. I saw dirt falling and be burnt by the light. Michelle

Hello, Everyone,

I had a very intense experience with this meditation, even though I arrived late. I felt as though a force outside of myself came through and absolutely shut down my thinking process so that all of my energy went into the meditation. This continued after we were officially done - quite a blessing -as my mind is so busy most of the time. love to all,


Greetings! I was able to participate in the meditation, although not able to join the guided group. In my experience I was led to pray for peace and prosperity for all. I envisioned all who were fighting to put down their weapons of all kinds, including prejudice and misguided hatred. I was moved to pray for our Creator to make us one heart, one hand, one mind and one soul, as the Law of One describes a social memory complex. I saw this as all humans sharing the goals of harmony and caring for one another. I hope everyone had as lovely and experience as I did.


Yes, it was a 'doozy'! Felt like I'd run a marathon!

I was guided to work on node points of the planetary grids that had been 'compromised'. I was sending what I can only describe as whirling wheels of rainbow light that came from my hands and landed on the nodes like bombs of 'joy' that transmuted the negativity. I was guided all over the planet to different node points. The whirling wheels were more powerful than any nuclear weapon.

About 3/4 of the way through I felt my energy flag a little and as I called upon my I AM presence I also felt the presence of Joan of Arc right behind me. She was exstatic about the operation!

In gratitude


I updated my site with my experience. May this message comfort and help many like us Zee xx

Dear Unknown,

Thanks for your 'command' soul.

Today you led us again in working to liberate Gaia, our mother.

At one point, when you asked us to follow our guidance I found my light body possessing an almost sword like laser in my hand.

I was guided to place that brilliant light inside, next to or above areas upon the Earth of darkness.....coagulated darkness.There were places of ceremony, or murder, areas of corrupted groups of people, areas of corrupt leadership, from Venezuela to North Korea, from Hollywood to Saskatchewan.

This light could dissolve, disrupt, or disperse these darkness's.

There was some awareness of Innocents who needed to be freed.

I can only assume this light helped them.

Later ,during a more passive period, of just letting the light through to work with your guidance, you spoke of a switch...this threw me into what I could only guess were wormholes.

They were defined by threads of blue light. I felt you made it to this switch to turn it off.

One other thing that was pronounced.

After we supported these pillars of light at the Earth's equinox, this pink light....real pink, not a pale tint, covered my internal vision.

Gaia's light? ... So strong, a very sustained blast of color. A feeling of love, not goodbye fake love, but very strong, calm, knowing love.

I imagine with the strong connection I felt with all who are working as we did today, that the work was quite effective.

You may print any portion of this.

I salute your intentional guidance of us all in this amazing endeavor!


When I join the meditation, I just kind of connected in as best I could, and aligned my soul star chakra with everyone else's, and work backwards in time, so my intention was carried by the group, and then I joined in. It was very powerful! At one point and for a while I went. And I did have to get ready and leave for work, but even so, I held the vision and the Light, and the intention, as best I could. I sent a lot of light to the house where I suspect neighbors using DEWs directed at me for the last year. It was the first time I thought about them without suspicion and fear.

So whoever or whatever got me confused and caused me to miss the beginning, they must have known I'm a powerful Light Warrior. Because I got such a great healing out of the experience, and I feel empowered and capable, and fearless. I got my fire back! In other words, I feel like my old self again!

Thank you, Unknown Lightwarriors Jim!

Many Blessings and Gratitude for All You Do, and Who You ARE!


My yesterday's mediation with the team was profound. I'm not someone who sees ... but I'm very body sensitive person. I felt the resistance in the beginning, I was in advance on the timing, I was waiting the start but was not able to hear you. As I knew they try to attack us every time, I refreshed and refreshed the page until I begun to hear you. My witness is not about the mediation itself but when I came back into my body after it.

We was so high and we gave so much energy then the wake-up was not easy. It's took me 10 minutes to come back in my body and in my 3d mind.

My energy level was down but I felt so great, knowing this energy was to clear the plasma anomalies.

Less then 30 minutes after I felt so much energy, more then when I begun the meditation, I was happy. Just after the meditation, here in Belgium was around 7 Pm and I went outside to my garden and I saw the pink goddess pink light with the sunset. Here is my pictures.

A lightwarrior.

Hi Jim.

I was guided to visualize flooding the earth with white light to cleanse, clear and transmute and to reveal all hidden darkness. I turned the light up brighter when you mentioned a hidden switch for the toplet bombs. I imagined all dark energies rising and being transmuted to light. I

flooded the earth with green rays of healing. At one point I imagined myself large enough to wrap my arms around Gaia in an embrace while a warrior did the same on the other side of her with the intent of balancing masculine and feminine energies. When you called upon the warriors I was guided to stand behind one of them and send him energy to strengthen and empower his work.

At the end of the meditation I then moved in front of the warrior while he empowered me through my heart space to finish the meditation with waves and waves of love. I could feel enormous waves of energy throughout the meditation. I had whole body tingling especially in my heart and head and several times became very dizzy. I could also feel energy powered up in my hands as I directed energies to Gaia throughout the mediation.

Thank you so much for leading this meditation. The energies feel much lighter and clearer this morning.

Goddess of Joy and Bliss


Hi !

This is Andiran-from Norway-presently living in Ecuador. For me it was very powerful-intense energies- a lot of emotional healing for humanity. Thank you for your work ! Andiran Lionheart

First, thank you for all that you do! I have a hearing disability so was not able to hear all of your guidance. I followed my own guidance and began by pulling in light/energy from the galactic sun, down through me and into the earth, then back up through me and up to the galactic sun. I continued pulling in these pillars of light energy throughout the hour all over Gaia. The energy became like a tornado which swirled around/through me and continued outward to cover Gaia while removing/transmuting/dissolving anomalies and negative energies. At one point dark entities were being pulled upward and off of Gaia.

During this tornado I was surrounded by other "mes" from all my other existences. I also at one point saw an Angelic being in front of me. I was crying tears for Gaia and all beings. I spread a pink fog of Goddess light and love over Gaia and all beings and asked that every being would experience love, joy, peace and abundance. Thank you so much for this opportunity to be part of Gaia's ascension!


Thank you Unknown Light Warrior,

Wow -- this was my first meditation with your beautiful guidance and it was fantastic - really didn't see much (rarely do), but felt quite more effective than usual. I am very grateful and privileged to have joined the 144k Light Warriors.


Dear Sir,

First, thank you so much for everything you do! In response to your question, I was seeing a lot of energy trying to distract me during the mass meditation yesterday while we were sending energy into the equator of Gaia. I used the energy clearing method that you taught your listeners recently and cleared TONS of energy, more than I have in years. After the mass meditation, I felt like a completely new person. Even now (the following day), I feel so light and focused, I'm just amazed. Money is short for me at the moment while my wife and I get our business off the ground, so I am unable to purchase your Four Phase system right now. However, once we have revenues coming in, I will definitely do so!

Thank you again for organizing the 144k and the mass meditations. Please keep up the great work!

Best wishes,

Cool Hand

I felt our energies in unity creating this powerful clearing on physical and etheric levels. Towards the end of the meditation, I could see Gaia breathing a sigh of relief. Like a flower starting to bloom.

- Paula G.

Hello I found it interesting that my cell phone activated with some sort of advertising shortly before the meditation. I turned it off and it did it again and I had to stop it again. It seemed like someone or something was trying to disrupt my meditation because my phone had never done that before. Later I went to get my vehicle washed at an automated car wash. I was next in line and the door would not open. Everyone waiting drove away. I then went to another car wash . I was next in line and they had to reboot the computer because this one stopped functioning. This has never happened once to me before let alone twice. I thought it was strange. What do you think.

Thank You

Victory of the light

During the meditation I felt very emotional, and guided to keep visions of what I believe life should be like, with love and beauty and abundance for everyone , including the animal and plant kingdoms. I also felt the need to anchor white light into 5d Gaia as much as possible. I could sense the heaviness lifting, or shifting. During the 2 hour meditation call I noticed that my part of the world seemed to go completely still, no vehicles, no birds no wind, nothing seemed to be moving. Then shortly after the call ended movement began again


Hello All,

This was my first, live meditation with you. I came in 2-3 minutes after the start, did my best to follow along.

Then it was like purple smoke bombs being hurled from upper left, to lower right. From upper right to lower left. Billowing, beautiful, purple smoke...wave after wave...many times. Then a gold/white ball of light came from above and dropped through the center of Gaia.

Then I saw layers of different colors stacked like a rainbow, but they looked like rivers of color, moving in different directions. One channel of color would be moving left, the next layer/channel would be moving right. Etc. etc. Encircling Gaia.

The movement of these different direction, colored flows, caused uplift and circulation. What seemed like noise and chaos, interacted...honored, forgave, loved and released...beautiful, zero-point balls of pure light...that uplifted and weaved itself into an empowered, infinite spiral of love/light and light/love...Above and below, going through the center of Gaia.

Chills of energy and love, cascading the left then the right sides of my body. My ears are still pinging at maximum, with a little dizziness, 20 hours later!

Holding light and love,


Okay, it was amazing. I don't really see much during meditations. Just flashes of light and images of faces (Large Cats, too) every now and again, however, when you said a Flash of Light. A Ball of Light (about the size of a soccer ball) Flashed in my Minds Eye and startled Me. I opened my eyes for a moment got my barring, and immediately closed them back. I could FEEL myself moving upward. It was an amazing feeling.



During the clearing of the plasma planes and surface realms. I witnessed Pleiadian craft sensing, and collecting small black orbs (toplet bombs) into their crafts' cargo hold. Then they sped away at unimaginable high speed into the void between all galaxies and even outside our universe. They then unloaded them spreading them out over vast amounts of space AND time. They were detonated and fizzled out like little firecracker duds in a widely diffused pattern. The Pleiadian craft then returned victorious for more clearing. And we as light workers all were zooming around the planes beaming light onto the plasma entities vaporizing them in large white and violet flashes. There was a lightness sensation when the dust settled. We all converged at the end to carry Gaia gingerly back to our orbit safely & soundly. I feel that others had this experience too.


During my meditation, I was contacted by my star family. This time much more clear than the previous times.

They told me, they were here this time to help me heal and to upgrade my abilities to communicate telepathically. My communication with them was clearer than ever. At the end of their presence, they showed me, how they reinforced an electrical stream in my pineal gland. With open eyes I literally looked at the operation, like it was a movie running right in front of me - like a close up of my pineal gland, where I could see the stream of electricity running through the gland got stronger and stronger.

During the whole meeting tears of joy and gratitude was running down my cheeks.

- Gitte from Denmark

Dear Unknown Light Warrior,

Here is my experience of the Equinox meditation.

When connected to the I Am presence, my whole body was turned into a large beam of light, akin to a laser with my hands turned out. Saw grid pattern on parts of my body that were infused with light. Gaia was spinning/rotating and the beam of light was directed at the surface of the earth on the equator as the globe spun a full 360 degrees. My sense was that a cleaning process was occurring.

After the equator cleaning process was over, the light beam was directed to clean numerous other places on gaia including both the poles, the tip of South America, and an area near Japan (I believe in the ocean south of japan). In the area near Japan the light beam actually found an entity that looked like a 3 headed dachshund with three dachsund like bodies attached to each other and flattened out like a pancake. When the light beam hit the dachsund shaped entity, it floated off into space.

The light beam was then directed to clean out the center of the Earth even before you mentioned it in the meditation and then directed to clean out inside the South Atlantic ocean extensively. At this point light bombs were thrown a couple of times as well into the ocean. My experience was that the light beam was very strong at the beginning of the meditation and very directed and towards the end, less so. Very amazing meditation as was the one we did before this.


Dear Unknown Light Warrior,

I am a part of the reserve Light Warrior task force of which you may not be aware as I am not a part of the 144,000. (Just a little comic relief in a stressful time..true though) However I have been joining in on your mass meditations.

Here is my experience with the last meditation.

Much like the meditation before my group seems to be involved with high altitude light beams that charge up and drop very large balls of light that spread light and lightning type charges across the entire planet's surface. Although this happened for a short period of time, during this meditation something else very bizarre occurred.

An individual wearing a red earth clay type colored robe with gold trim who had a bald head and dark skin was captured from light force defense headquarters, he was a very high ranking official who was very important to the light forces. For some reason I knew we had to get him back and all of a sudden I was in an underground base with a lot of control panels. In a flash of light I was able to recover the official. He was passed out over my shoulder. Before I left the underground base I felt like I had to put my hand on the control console and set off a chain reaction of light that started to blow up the base, then in a flash I disappeared from the underground base with the official. After this I I could not get back into the meditation my consciousness was a very rooted in the physical plane.

I don't know if this is synchronous or coincidence but later that day a citizen reporter stated that sonic booms were heard under major cities on the west coast and that the sound could be DUMB (deep underground military bases) blowing up. I probably wouldn't have shared this, if it wasn't for one of the 144,000 who told me about your request for feedback. Hopefully this is helpful.


Well done everyone.

This was fantastic, and we're only getting started!

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