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Clifford Mahooty Joins Us On The Esoteric Reasons For Cabal Genocide On Native People of America - L

Parts of the show will take a heavy 3D focus for the next few weeks, because of the massive ramifications of the mid-term elections in the US … The deciding battleground for liberating the whole planet.

A big message was posted by Q on Oct 5, as the dust settles after the tectonic shifts that resulted from the successful Senate vote & swearing in of Judge Kavanaugh.

Q (the White Hats/positive military) stated: “it was our last chance to save [the Constitution] without having to use force”.

The positive military has again called for everybody not to fall for the deliberate ‘divide & conquer’ campaign aggressively pursued by the Cabal … now at fever pitch; through the Cabal-Establishment media.

And sure enough … Blasey Ford’s ‘attorneys’ (HANDLERS) have said “ … C. Blasey Ford has no further plans to pursue sexual misconduct allegations against B. Kavanaugh “.

Needless to say … if she WAS sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh, and if all corroborating witnesses weren’t saying the opposite of what she was … there’d be no reason whatsoever for her attorneys not to continue legal action.

Going back to the risk of the positive military having to resort to force if Kavanaugh was prevented from getting on the Supreme Court, it would still be within the constitution, because remember…

… the United States of America is under foreign occupation.

That foreign entity is known as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (Inc) private corporation, a literal subsidiary of the Crown District of London Corporation, which is itself a subsidiary of The Vatican … which itself works for the 13 Bloodlines.

Because this is a foreign occupation … the military HAS to get involved.

In essence … it’s a military issue (as far as the PHYSICAL removal pf the Cabal and its networks is concerned).

But we know what happened to the military in Vietnam when they lost the support of We-The-People!

And we know the amazing feats & heroism the military achieved when it shut down (overt) tyranny & the Holocaust in WWII, when it had the support of We-The-People.

Our energetic activities & backing is as crucial as ever.

Tune into this week’s show to find out the White Hat’s BIGGEST worry around pulling that final lever that will physically round-up all Cabal members & their network across the US.

… and it’s a crucial awareness we must all have!

Actually … it’s now the last thing holding everything back.

This Week’s Special Guest – Zuni Elder

Clifford Muhooty

Our special guest this week is Zuni Elder Clifford Muhooty of the Zuni Nation. We’re going to have a revealing chat about:

  • Knowledge about the presence of extraterrestrials - and our extraterrestrial origins - and whether this was mainstream within most Native American nations.

  • What it was the Zuni and other Native American people knew about human contact with the extraterrestrial people - and our own suppressed abilities - that the bloodline families in Europe wanted to suppress - and make sure the arriving European settlers couldn't find about or spread the word about.

  • What kachinas really represent.

  • The experience of receiving prophecies on an actual specialized "screen" in a specific location....and how this is VERY different from some of the modern people who are calling themselves shamans.

  • The strange off-world metal that Clifford knew from his professional experience was definitely NOT copper. (And what it could be and where it might come from.)

  • Why it is so important to be able to differentiate between the REAL shamans and messengers and others who are pretending to know things they do not.

  • How people can learn to discover where the path to the truth lies.

  • The upcoming congress in Switzerland about how to prepare for ET Contact that Clifford has been invited to this November.



What To Shine The Transmutational Light Of Your Consciousness On, This Week

Tune in this week for that reliable GCC empowering, motivating perspective on:

  • with the White Hats securing a majority on the Supreme Court, declassification of FISA abuses by the Cabal & even 9/11 declassification is now set to roll. Brace yourselves. The moment we’ve been working hard for & waiting for is at our door step ... and what to expect.

  • Russian electronic warfare on Cabal controlled Israel is being used to prevent the Cabal from launching ICBM nukes during or before the Mass Arrests. Tune in to find out what old & reliable prophecy this is based on.

  • and are the - ‘bizarre particles that could shatter modern physics’ coming out of Antarctica a negative ET weapon … negative ET escape portal … or a positive ET portal?

  • find out when the Cabal will try their next big move … in the form of false flags, smear campaigns in their establishment media against the White Hats (White Hat politicians they don’t control), etc … as top lawyer at the FBI flips on the Cabal too.

… and much more on this week’s episode of - Ground Crew Command (live broadcasts every Wed 9pm EDT) ... YOUR central support network; and your weekly dose of empowering clarity, inspiration & motivation to get you through the Archon invented "work week" -

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