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Short Full Moon 144K Mass Meditation. Timeline Upgrade for New Year's!

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Dec 26th - Christmas Full Moon - 144K Meditation Time/Links are below.

Now that we've successfully exited out of the 12/12 - 21/12 Portal (which actually includes the 25th) on the highest possible timeline humanity can currently accrete (CONGRATS 144K!) ... 


... the focus on this full moon meditation is to enter January on the highest possible timeline - which always makes a difference for all of us & humanity.


Us 144K pros, know that this systematic approach to timeline upgrade is what makes all the difference!


As a result ... 


  • we protect humanity

  • we protect Gaia

  • we protect the innocent

  • we save White Hat lives

  • we save Pleiadian ... Sirian ... Aldeberon ... Adromedan et al, LIVES

... and we bring humanity's frequencies closer to theirs! 


And by-the-way ...


2024 is going to be an extremely intense year because of the tsunami-like volumes of Central Sun Light that will come in.


As part of your 144K support, the Unravel Your Abilities Training coming up this Saturday, December 30th, has more details about what to expect in 2024 & how to best handle the mass internal detox with ease & grace..


If you want to join regular advanced Mass Meditations, you have to be a 144K Mass Meditation Group Member.

  1. click over to the 144K Official Recruitment site, join, and after the short survey, you'll land on the 144K member's site

  2. then click on 'Ground Crew Command Radio/Live Meditation Broadcasts' at the top menu bar

  3. & you'll be taken straight to the live broadcast widget in the Member's area [BlogTalk Radio widget, with a Telegram livestream option].

This is where you'll find the precise times for your time-zone too.

:- )

Yours In Service ...

The Unknown Lightwarrior

The Unknown Lightwarrior is an extremely old Commander Level Soul-Type, similar to Ashtar's, with a rich energy mastery & military history of over 5 million earth years. He is a Goddess worshipper, and is the founder of the modern reincarnation of the 144K & helped turn it from a loose, depleted, unorganized & dispersed group of Starseeds, to a cohesive, decisive & impactful group that has consistently raised planetary timelines to avoid the worst & accelerate Planetary Liberation via innovative energy work during 144K Mass Meditations.

He does this also by healing & activating 144K Members with free & paid, cutting edge, robust & breakthrough guided healing sessions (audios) and DNA Activation Codes that harness clearing from Omnipresence & Light Beings that manage Universes & Multiverses.

He is also a veteran gridworker & lives with his wife, the legendary Sirian woman Astara & his princess pupster (dog). -

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