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Details of our TWO 144k Mass Meditations this Sat [Times/Links]. Latest Cobra interview!

The effects of our previous 144k Mass Meditations & the activities of Starseeds in general, have created ...

The New Matrix

... where anything the Cabal does ... it only digs itself deeper into the same hole it dug.

" ... But ULW ... the matrix is evil. We just want to be freeeeeeee".

:- )

The matrix is nothing more than a simulation - with rules, that we all live in. And there are different 'matrixes'.

There's a matrix within each dimension. There's the 4D cosmic matrix. There are other matrixes within & for each of the non-physical planes, etc.

And there's the matrix within the ever disintegrating Veil on the this planet.

These matrixes are not in-and-of-themselves "evil". What makes them "evil" are the rules that govern or control the matrix - and WHO MAKES THOSE RULES?!?

With each private energy work clearing or public mass meditation - we Starseeds continue to ...

Change the rules

of the Matrix ... back to the original,

Goddess-made rules

Case-In-Point #1

The Cabal attacked humanity (for the umpteenth time) with another bio-weapon "global pandemic" intended to trigger Agenda 21.

What ended up happening?

It became an excuse to round them all up and finally trigger the long awaited MASS ARRESTS ...

In other words ... thanks to our work, (Starseed energy work) it back-fired on them - BIG TIME.

Case-In-Point #2

In a soft-disclosure episode of the original Star Trek series, no one could win in a particular virtual reality simulation [matrix], no matter what they did or how hard they tried.

But Captain Kirk won.

How? ... when everyone else failed....

He changed the rules of the Virtual Reality [matrix] simulation.

And not only is this what WE'RE doing, it is also ...

... our responsibility

To fully activate the Ascension Timeline with this Saturday's Dual Action 144k Mass Meditation

We will be doing the FIRST MEDITATION (energy work) at the HIGHLY opportune moment when Venus trines Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, and Mars at zero degrees. Venus is in Gemini - Saturn is in Aquarius - at the very beginning of each air sign.

What this means is that we can expect serious MOVEMENT - once we set our intentions into the field at this EXTREMELY opportune moment.

Then, during our second meditation on Saturday...

We will be joining in with Cobra's guided meditation to Stop the Corona Virus and Accelerate the Ascension Timeline.

This SECOND MEDITATION will be much shorter - but it will be the moment when the intentions we set into the field get ACTIVATED at the global level.

We will be following this 20 MINUTE GUIDED MEDITATION on YouTube

at 10:45 PM EDT / 2:45 AM GMT. I will be paying the audio version live, as this will be more convenient for many.

... we will continue for about 10 more minutes to consolidate our gains.

We're doing it this way for far more comprehensive & effective results!

Because that's the way the 144k rolls ...

Time & Links For Saturday's

First & Second 144k Advanced Mass Meditation

Date: Saturday, April 4th (Sunday the 5th in Australasia)

Join Time: 1st [Main] 144k Meditation: 12 PM EDT

Start Time: 12:10 PM EDT

Duration: 1-2 hrs approx.

Your Time-zone for 1st [Main]:

Live Guided Broadcast for the 1st Meditation: In the 144k Member's Area, click on Ground Crew Command Radio.

Back-up link: CLICK HERE

Join Time: 2nd (Cobra Meditation): 10:30pm EDT

Start Time: 10:45 PM EDT

Duration: 30-40 mins

Your Time-zone for 2nd [Cobra]:

Live Guided Broadcast for the 2nd short Meditation with Cobra: In the 144k Member's Area, click on Ground Crew Command Radio.

Back-up link: CLICK HERE

See you on the non-physical!

For a 4:44 minute video of the 15min Cobra version, you can share with others: Click Here

To share with others, send them to:

where they can sign up.

For the 144K Protection Protocol

... click on the '144k Free Session/Tools' tab at the top of the: 144k Member's Area

If you are unable to access it, please send an email to:

The Unknown Lightwarrior

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