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Frequency Raising Secrets, Big Situation Report-GCC Radio, 12/12 144K Mass Meditation!

The Closing Act

of Planetary Liberation Has Begun.

+ HUGE Confirmation of the 144K's hard work.

My last report to you left off with preparations for the overt surfacing of the Planetary Liberation war - which were proceeding as planned.

The RM/Cobra finally confirmed that the various Lurkers from each cosmic cycle are now being removed!

Be fully aware that such amorphous ... near-omnipresent ... floating blobs of consciousness that are dark as-all-get-out, don't just 'all of a sudden' get removed with such modest amounts of Central Sun Light & off-world/Inner Earth technologies.

If these things could survive the big bang, they can

pretty much survive anything!

(Have you ever tried sword fighting a fart ?... lol ... that's what it's like trying to deal with the Lurker!)

It was the combined - SYSTEMATIC - consistent & tactical approach of the 144K with its consciousness projection FROM the physical, along with off-world tech from our galactic friends, that accelerated the diminishment, weakening & removal of these massive-omnipresent Lurkers.


As such, Planetary Liberation for the surface is proceeding well!

Which is all fine & dandy ... but where does that leave you?!

How long do you have to wait, now??

And how do you best cope till then?!

What things should you invest your precious time & scarce energy into, to 'make it' easily ... at least till Galactic Family contact?

This is what I'll be getting into on this week's:

General Intel Report on

Thurs Dec 7th, 7PM EST

... and this coming Sunday's...

Shadow Work Central

Frequency Raising Secrets, with the

Reality ReConstructor

on Sunday Dec 10th


Unravel Your Abilities

Accelerated Ascension, with the

4-Step Protocol To Galactic Family Contact BEFORE The Event

Sunday Dec 17

I'll be giving you more info on these two 144K Trainings, plus a full write-up of the general situation report on Ground Crew Command Radio this Thursday ... to get you zooming up in frequency ... boost your spirits ... and get that natural excitement (it's your birthright) back into action - for us all to attain real freedom & love!

I'm just trying to make it happen way sooner for ya! :- )

Watch your inbox!

Yours In Service ...

The Unknown Lightwarrior

ps. to get these trainings & participate in 144K Global Meditations, you have to be a 144K Member. You can join for free, here!



The Unknown Lightwarrior is an extremely old Commander Level Soul-Type, similar to Ashtar's, with a rich energy mastery & military history of over 5 million earth years. He is a Goddess worshipper, and is the founder of the modern reincarnation of the 144K & helped turn it from a loose, depleted, unorganized & dispersed group of Starseeds, to a cohesive, decisive & impactful group that has consistently raised planetary timelines to avoid the worst & accelerate Planetary Liberation via innovative energy work during 144K Mass Meditations.

He does this also by healing & activating 144K members with free & paid, cutting edge, robust & breakthrough guided healing sessions (audios) and DNA Activation Codes that harness clearing from Omnipresence & Light Beings that manage Universes & Multiverses.

He is also a veteran gridworker & lives with his wife, the legendary Sirian woman Astara & his princess pupster (dog). -

Accelerated healing from Omnipresence:

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