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Full Moon April 23 144K Mass Meditation! The astrology just got more serious for Planetary Liberation!

144K Scorpio Full Moon Mass Meditation Links Below!


Scorpio Full Moon

+ Eclipse Energies

+ Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction Intensities

... need easing!

Mass-resistance to recent breakthroughs needs to be transmuted!


Experiencing or feeling hard or emotionally devastating energies?


The resistance to the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction breakthrough potential is problematic enough, (which I'll be helping you overcome over the next few days, namely through the coming live clearing webinar).


But we're still in eclipse energies ... and now we can add in the Full Moon energies.


Granted ... Full Moons are nowhere near as bad as they used to be, thanks to the consistent work of groups like ours :- )


You may remember how the physical dark ones would invoke the non-physical dark ones from the layers of micro-black holes (tunnels of Set) in the etheric & astral planes ... causing sleepless full moon periods.


The 144K shut those down. We focused on this specifically!


And what a difference that's made!


Their dark full moon rituals became MUCH weaker after that!


So ... as for the 144K Intervention this Tuesday afternoon (US time):



" ... this particular full moon actually continues the energies that started with the

Aries Solar Eclipse.


So this is still part of Eclipse season as that Eclipse opened up a brand new cycle and now we have the first interaction between the Sun and the Moon in an opposition since that New Moon [April 8th Eclipse].


And so this is the energy of really going into the depths of what you feel".


Molly McCord



Yup ... I certainly went into the depths of what I felt since Friday (I had to go up to the Hod on Sat) ... thanks to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction that is affecting us all for quite some time to come.


And we WILL turn this into a positive.... 


... togeza!


:- )


Remember ... we're taking this journey together.


You're not alone.


That's unity ...


Furthermore; this full moon is now forcing the issue of finding our biggest, 'scariest' blocks ... facing our biggest fears ... both internally & externally, to allow the freedom, revolution & abundance of Jupiter/Uranus conjunction to FLOW.


On Tuesday's 144K Mass Meditation, we'll be dealing with the collective aspect of this.


Next Saturday, we'll be dealing with the personal (internal) aspect of all this.


The energies are harder, because the rewards are way higher.


So stay tuned, support is coming & get ready for this full moon mass meditation to ease into freedom ... control ... and mastery.


Not a 144K Member?

If you want to join this online event + regular advanced Mass Meditations, you have to be a 144K Mass Meditation Group Member.

  1. click over to the 144K Official Recruitment site, join, and after the short survey, you'll land on the 144K member's site

  2. then click on 'Ground Crew Command Radio/Live Meditation Broadcasts' at the top menu bar

  3. & you'll be taken straight to the live broadcast widget in the Member's area [BlogTalk Radio widget, with a Telegram livestream option].

The precise times for your time-zone will be emailed to you.

:- )

Yours In Service ...

The Unknown Lightwarrior

The Unknown Lightwarrior is an extremely old Commander Level Soul-Type, similar to Ashtar's, with a rich energy mastery & military history of over 5 million earth years. He is a Goddess worshipper, and is the founder of the modern reincarnation of the 144K & helped turn it from a loose, depleted, unorganized & dispersed group of Starseeds, to a cohesive, decisive & impactful group that has consistently raised planetary timelines to avoid the worst & accelerate Planetary Liberation via innovative energy work during 144K Mass Meditations.

He does this also by healing & activating 144K Members with free & paid, cutting edge, robust & breakthrough guided healing sessions (audios) and DNA Activation Codes that harness clearing from Omnipresence & Light Beings that manage Universes & Multiverses.

He is also a veteran gridworker & lives with his wife, the legendary Sirian woman Astara & his princess pupster (dog). -

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