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'Incredibly Dynamic' Harvest Moon Astrology - Meditation - Fri 29th



Super Full Moon Meditation TIMES/LINKS at bottom.

" ... because it's in Aries, this is an incredibly dynamic full Super Moon. It's action oriented, its warrior energy, Mars is ruled by the God of War. Aries likes to do things quickly, thinks everybody else is too slow so it can be very goal oriented.

So restless, edgy driving energy ... constantly wants to have the foot on the accelerator the whole time so it's quite high pitched in terms of being one of the key signs that I associate with sovereignty."

Pam goes on to say there's a very powerful rebellious & revolutionary force caused by other astrological alignments on this Super Full Moon, such as Uranus which is squared with Venus.

Basically, the astrology greatly supports a great challenge on the power status-quo!

Sarah Hall puts emphasis on:

... release & purification during these strong Super Moons we've been having, which includes the period between this Harvest Super Full Moon & Oct 14 Eclipse ... which is also setting everything up for resolving karmic power issues, once & for all.

All this is perfect for what the Starseed Mission is - and the 144K is undoubtedly (and responsibly) leading the charge, to free humanity much sooner than otherwise expected.

It's a time to discard & let go, and this Full Moon & the period right afterwards is clearly the time to do just that - for Gaia!

What is not for the highest good, the 144K will make sure is cleared way quicker!

... without the casualties for humanity.

The Cabal can take its weather & earthquake weapons (what's left of them) ... and we know where they can stick'em!

Excuse my Arcturianism ... but enough is enough.

Lastly ... as part of your prep for this Full Harvest Moon Intervention, and at a personal level for most of us, Chiron is highly active during this Full Moon.

This means a strong divine guidance INTO our wounds, to find the empowerment of healing ... learning from ... and rising above these wounds!

The Chiron factor is a great opportunity for this, and thus you will be divinely guided IF you do this, for freedom comes on the other side of such periods.

Of course ... most tools that are robust enough (deep enough) for such a venture to be effective, are often long or expensive.

You're with the right Team ... at the right time ... on the right planet :- )

This 144K Intervention will be shorter this time, so be sure to join in! That way we can calm things down & win the energy war way sooner!

Sept 29 Harvest Super Full Moon

144K Mass Meditation

Date: Sept 29, Fri

Time: 5:00AM EDT [US]

Full Moon Peak: 5:58AM

For the live broadcast guidance links, join the 144K right here!

Yours In Service ...

The Unknown Lightwarrior

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