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Planetary surface preparations now in full swing. The First Wave of Starseeds for Contact.

So how successful was our New Moon

Mass Meditation last Tuesday?

This unprecedented 'justice' system event in the fascistic state of Victoria, Australia ... says it all.

And I can assure you ... as someone who spent the first 40 years of his life in this Cabal test-bed, it's an unmistakable:

- systems failure -

in the matrix!

Any fellow Victorian seeing this, won't believe their eyes ...

So here it is.

I'd like to thank actors Paul Hogan & Hugh Jackman, for creating a false perception that Aussie men are butt-kicking rebels & tough guys.

Those days are long gone, and nothing could be further from the truth!

Men like that are more likely to be found in red states of America, Russia, Chechnya & Serbia.

So I want to give a special salute to Starseeds in Melbourne, Victoria - who were the brave, tough rebels at one of the two most locked-down cities/States in the whole world.

It was in Melbourne where lock-down resisters literally got a visit from police at their home, if they posted any vax truths or anti-lockdown posts on social media.

Honestly ... Victoria & the rest of Australia gave China a run for its [tyrannical] money.

Anyway ... this brings me to another higher timeline indicator.

The unprecedented

X'8.53'-CLASS🤯Solar Flare

that hit on Tuesday ...

... has accelerated the clearing of the sub-quantum/quantum anomaly & negative sacred geometry:

  • within & in between all quantum particles, & sub-quantum space - which includes the space within our bodies

  • within the core construct of regular time/space 

  • within the matrix codes and their instructions that create this 3D simulation

... down to the surface level.

The last point above means that reconnection with our Inner-Earth brethren & off-world groups who are posted underground has fallen well within 2024 for Starseeds who are relatively stable & clear (internally).

The rest of all Starseeds/Lightworkers, may need to wait till 2025 to ascend to & match such a high frequency event - aka physical reunion with our galactic families. 

Says WHO?!


Our off-world beloved don't want a psychological & emotional 'systems-overload'  prematurely, from such an other-worldly high frequency as physical reunion.

Hence, all this 'gradual' BS.

The good news is, the latter can be treated, to be part of the first wave of physical reunion.

Hence the emphasis on support healing webinars recently instead of the same old 'alt-news intel' on GCCR ... as part of my diabolic strategy of getting you connected & reunited with your Galactic Family WITHIN the first wave.

Mwahahaha ...

Anyway ... the crazy X8.53-Class CME has accelerated not only Planetary Liberation, but the proverbial forced inner cleansing, thanks to the cardinal rule:

You can't take your baggage with you

So if you were knocked off your feet ... emotionally raw ... or 'down' yesterday or today, it means the X-Class flare stirred some blocks within 

Intuitively, I'm being told it's now mostly hidden childhood trauma on this occasion, as the next layer that needs clearing.

This includes non-traumatic false childhood programs ... which is kind of a whole topic in itself.

So a proper clearing session is needed.

Given the effectiveness & great feedback from April's Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction, I decided to do a support webinar for May, this coming Sunday.

So watch your inbox for the registration link !

It'll be quite a timeline jump for you. 

Removal Of Mid-Atlantean Era Dark Network & Technologies May Be Completed in May!

As another indicator of our New Moon's 144K meditation success, things are now looking good with the hard ... dangerous ... intense ... and delicate campaign of disarming & removing this old & dark group, that has off-world roots.

It's been quite a challenge for our inner-earth & off-world brethren to get this far, but our recent Mass Meditations contribution has made a critical difference

The fewer dark energies left for them to operate in, the better & safer it will be for them.

Congratulations 144K!

The focus is to have this dark group & their infrastructure completely removed on or by the full moon. Which is on May 23rd.

So if it's achieved by or just after the 23rd, as opposed to June Solstice, which is always a big date & marker ... this will result in an even bigger & dramatic timeline jump for Goddess & humanity.


Not a 144K Member?

If you want to join this online event + regular advanced Mass Meditations, you have to be a 144K Mass Meditation Group Member.

  1. click over to the 144K Official Recruitment site, join, and after the short survey, you'll land on the 144K member's site

  2. then click on 'Ground Crew Command Radio/Live Meditation Broadcasts' at the top menu bar

  3. & you'll be taken straight to the live broadcast widget in the Member's area [BlogTalk Radio widget, with a Telegram livestream option].

The precise times for your time-zone will be emailed to you.

:- )

Yours In Service ...

The Unknown Lightwarrior

The Unknown Lightwarrior is an extremely old Commander Level Soul-Type, similar to Ashtar's, with a rich energy mastery & military history of over 5 million earth years. He is a Goddess worshipper, and is the founder of the modern reincarnation of the 144K & helped turn it from a loose, depleted, unorganized & dispersed group of Starseeds, to a cohesive, decisive & impactful group that has consistently raised planetary timelines to avoid the worst & accelerate Planetary Liberation via innovative energy work during 144K Mass Meditations.

He does this also by healing & activating 144K Members with free & paid, cutting edge, robust & breakthrough guided healing sessions (audios) and DNA Activation Codes that harness clearing from Omnipresence & Light Beings that manage Universes & Multiverses.

He is also a veteran gridworker & lives with his wife, the legendary Sirian woman Astara & his princess pupster (dog). -

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