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Struggling with Shadow Work? End personal turmoil. A quicker, more effective way!

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

by former One-on-One psychic healer, Jim Tourtsakis, The Unknown Lightwarrior.

Doing shadow work that doesn't go deep enough, is not comprehensive enough but also easy & time-friendly enough ...

results in having to go through the proverbial 'dark night of the Soul' ... just to raise your timeline & frequency (" eventually").

Such an experience is NOT necessary!

I'm doing a special - support & update - Ground Crew Command Radio show tonight normally reserved only for 144K Members, because of the good news I'll be reporting on with the situation in Israel ... the exciting developments resulting from our interventions/meditations ...

... and also, to properly address, support & coach you through the symptoms caused by our collective shadow being forced up during this powerful Eclipse season, such as:

  • fatigue/exhaustion

  • anger

  • dissolusionment

  • feeling jaded with everything

  • pain in certain organs

  • negative mental chatter

  • fear

  • stress

  • isolation

  • despair

  • sadness

  • identity crisis

  • abrupt destruction of your personal paradigm/perceptions

  • feel like abdicating/giving-up

  • escapism (into set behavioral patterns)

  • procrastination

Although it may seem like another classic case of; 'you can't take your baggage with you' to 5D and Galactic Family reunion ... the extreme, deep & unforgiving nature of this eclipse season (ends around mid Nov) is now not letting us get away with anything that's unresolved within us.

I myself had to do '3 ICB verticals' on Tuesday (I'll tell you all about that too, and what a profound breakthrough this is in shadow work) because my partner & I were simply getting clobbered by blocks ... obstacles ... and frustrations ... causing us to experience fear-charged and precarious situations...

...(that's never fun)

And now it's all over ... our productivity restored ... and we're ready for anything else that might come up.

So tune into this GCCR show, to receive free loving support on how to:

  • easily navigate your way through this eclipse season and condense 6 months of learning & 'processing' into 6 weeks at most, 30 mins at a time, without having to hire a professional healer

  • find the hidden gem you've waiting for: and learn why the second half of this eclipse season holds the hidden gem you've waiting for that provides the biggest opportunity for the biggest shift in your life

  • learn why your conscious mind's intentions that you are setting now, are 'almost' meaningless, until you learn how to connect with & thrive on your Soul's intentions that have already been set

... helping you easily come out way stronger, more confident & deeply joyful with an increased sense of unity & comeradery with all the other 144K Members, because:

we're in this together

That's the way the 144K rolls!

The 144K loves itself & all its Members!!

We are run by Love ... and charged with Love.

That's what ...

Gooddess ...

...ultimately wants!

Tune in to today's GCCR livestream or recording here.

:- )

Yours In Service ...

The Unknown Lightwarrior

The Unknown Lightwarrior is an extremely old Commander Level Soul-Type, similar to Ashtar's, with a rich energy mastery & military history of over 5 million earth years. He is a Goddess worshipper, and is the founder of the modern reincarnation of the 144K & helped turn it from a loose, depleted, unorganized & dispersed group of Starseeds, to a cohesive, decisive & impactful group that has consistently raised planetary timelines to avoid the worst & accelerate Planetary Liberation via innovative energy work during 144K Mass Meditations.

He does this also by healing & activating 144K members with free & paid, cutting edge, robust & breakthrough guided healing sessions (audios) and DNA Activation Codes that harness clearing from Omnipresence & Light Beings that manage Universes & Multiverses.

He is also a veteran gridworker & lives with his wife, the legendary Sirian woman Astara & his princess pupster (dog). -

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