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Wow 144K ... that's some impressive New Moon manifesting power!

- Special Report & Analysis -

We brought in too much Light, for them to exist.

The above principal explains the more ultimate reason why the Chimera no longer exist here on the sacred temple of Goddess Gaia.

For anyone following Cobra, you'll have heard the profound breakthrough by now, that the:

  • the Chimera are all finally removed

  • the last Chimera pit under DARPA is no more

  • the quantum mainframe computer there is shut down

... which means no more computer generated holographic matrix codes being sent to our personal perceptions, like a false overlay on our perceptions.

The 5G network is nothing like what the quantum mainframe system was doing to us.

This is a huge layer of suppression that's lifted off us, allowing us to pursue our passions with more confidence and certainty ... because this also means the last remaining negative timelines are cleared!


Hand testing & correct questions to The Teams has revealed & confirmed, that:

... we the 144K, were one of the main factors involved in the final removal of the Chimera.

Geeee ... what a 'coincidence' that this breakthrough appeared right after our New Moon 144K Mass Meditation!

The Teams said; too much Light was pouring through to the Surface, for the Chimera to be able to hold their ground & survive the dangerous physical actions of the Physical Lightforces (both Terran Special Forces & off-world special units).

This quickened ... smoothed ... and optimized the whole operation, and thankfully minimized the casualties for the front-line personnel involved.

We honor those who gave their lives!

I hereby personally congratulate every single 144K Member who was consistent as they could be, in participating in 144K Meditations!

The amorphous Lurker & sub-quantum anomaly is diminishing faster now, thanks to our contribution.

And because of that ... this Planetary Liberation war will soon be over ... whether it's this year or next.

The Oct/Nov window for the liberation of the United States is now looking better than ever.

And as I said in my honorary Labor Day message...

All the above ... are the fruits of our Divine & Sacred Labor.

Gratitude ... honor ... and respect, to the:

The next 144K Mass Meditation will be at the September Equinox on Friday night/ Saturday morning September 22nd/23rd.

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:- )

Yours In Service ...

The Unknown Lightwarrior

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