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May 1st Deadline Chaos Explained...Cabal Turns to Electronic Warfare on Lightworkers, Alliance Shuts

  • Has enough physical and non-physical clearing been done to make the 1st of May the last day of US Corp? Or will they find another way to kick the can further down the road, especially if the Chimera threaten to detonate their plasma toplet bombs?

  • Cabal all but gives up on WWIII, turns electronic weapons on full and points them at Lightworkers . We get into this, plus analyze the quick response from positive factions and what this means to you.

  • Obama spills the beans on Clinton/Bush drug operations and in return released on conditional custody terms in Chicago.

  • Will Vatican servant Mike Pence succeed in finding Asian money to keep the unlawful corporate pseudo-US government going past May1st?

  • ... all this and much more.

Electronic Warfare

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This week for your empowerment - We shine the spotlight on an interesting 'psychic inquiry tool' called Focusing, with special guest Sandy Burg

But is it fair or accurate to consider Focusing as a psychic tool?

How would you compare it to most psychic training? (... as most psychic training teaches you to completely calm and still the mind, connect to your higher self and then pay attention to the thoughts and feelings that come in after asking a question - these thoughts and feelings are the psychic information being received from whatever non-physical being you're communicating with.)

... tune in to find all this out with this week's special guest Sandy ... and decide for yourself whether focusing is just the tool you need, to add to your tool box to accelerate your return to your Truth... where your power, freedom & abundance lies.

We end the show with a powerful way to recognize & TRANSMUTE dark presence, so they stop causing havoc on your emotions & mind for more freedom and better performance. Or just an easier day.

A powerful tool you can use over & over again.

Tune in to find out about all of this, on Wed at 9pm EDT - April 26.

Click here now & click the 'Follow' button for reminders & recordings.

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