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What the Light Forces are MOST Grateful For: The Driving Force that Motivates Them. Planetary Cleari

No radio show this week ... but don't make the mistake of thinking this is not a big-deal week, just because there's no show.

This is a VERY BIG DEAL week, thanks to what will come out from 144k HQ on Thanksgiving Morning.

So where do I begin ...?

11/11 has opened an intense transition process for the whole planet.

And because of our successful mass meditation on that fateful date, it's opened up an even bigger 'mass planetary clearing process'.

Something major ... sacred ... and holy is coming to your inbox on Thanksgiving. It may well be the motivating power the Light Forces are most grateful for.... and what gives them the ability to do their mission.

In the spirit of the SACRED Thanksgiving here in the central & deciding battleground, the US of A .... tomorrow's gift of gratitude ... from me to you ... will make very clear what drives you & me,... ...what powers the positive off-word groups ... and makes everything worthwhile.

This sacred gift of gratitude that I'll give for you to read tomorrow will:

... most likely UPLIFT you

... it will make almost everything make sense.....FINALLY

... it is seemingly the primary driving force of the Light Forces.

... that includes YOU and me

... it took 18 months of evolution (and downloads), to become what it is now ...

... and will likely give you the biggest water-shed moment, or 'ah-ha' experience you've had in a long time.

I doubt that I'm exaggerating or being sensationalist ... because it left one person "stupefied" (her words ... and in the most positive sense, of course).

So watch your inbox on Thanksgiving day ... because it sure-as-heck will help you Americans survive your 3D family over Thanksgiving!

:- )

Planetary Clearing Report post 11-11.

You, along with many Lightworkers, may have noticed a bit of "kickback" after the 11-11 Meditation 10 days ago.

After much clearing work was done on these intense energies affecting Lightworkers after the meditations on 11-11 ... one of the main things that got revealed was a kind of curse or spell that was performed a few hundred years ago (in the physical), on the energy of money, against all Lightworker/White Nobility families.

This allowed for the creation of some sort of a black cube somewhere in the non-physical. Which held the curse / spell in the non-physical. But it also played the role of keeping Lightworkers dis-connected from money ... for the sole purpose of being disconnected from POWER to activate their SOUL PURPOSE within the 3D.

It's all about power. The Cabal couldn't care less about money in & of's power they're interested in. And we the Lightworkers were disconnected from money, in order to disconnect us from the power needed to activate our soul missions.

This is the energetic reason that caused the White Nobility to lose their wealth since the Renaissance period.

It was the energetic reason why the young new Republic in the US "did't mint it's own coin" for very long.

This has been cleared, and once that happened ... HUGE amounts of darkness freaked out & came to the surface... (to be cleared).

Matrix Gatekeepers

More work was then done on the matrix itself. There are such things as matrix gatekeepers like 'Agent Smith' in the matrix movies that had to be cleared, as well. As far as I could tell, they have been.

The Teams went to work on this because of the many physical signs of their presence (one of which is black crows everywhere, just like before that fight scene in Matrix II) The scene where Agent Smith appeared all of a sudden, after Neo finished talking to the Oracle beside the basketball court.

5 days left for White Friday 'bargains.'

- Keeping The Lights On Campaign -

With mercury retrograde starting last week (and ending on Dec 6), it's a great opportunity to turn inwards & CLEAR any issues that may be holding you back. This is what Mercury retrograde energies support ... and as I'm sure you supports very little else.

Thanksgiving is for giving thanks and giving to others. For those of you who've wanted to try the 4 Phases or the ICB Webinar and just haven't been able to save up enough to purchase these amazing healing tools for yourselves, I'm giving you the chance to purchase them at a very special reduced Thanksgiving rate....during the Thanksgiving help us grow the Army of Light.

So take full advantage of the White Friday 'Keeping The Lights On' sale here at 144k HQ ... to make the absolute most of the retrograde period, and come out on top after Dec 6!

It was a smart move for those who opted in at the page below, to receive the coupon code, because you got (and you can still get) some of the most ...

... robust clearing sessions (Audios & Chi Machines)

....that you can use as often as you need to .... achieve your goals or clear current blocks...

... at such a huge 50% to 60% off (for the audios)

... Congratulations for those who took action, you will make the most of these retrograde energies & turn it into a positive for you.

Don't miss out ... Click the link below:

... then click the green button to get your White Friday coupon code. Don't miss out. There are only 5 days left for this sacred 'Lightworker version of black Friday!

And it also helps support our operations here @ Ground Crew Command - 144k HQ.

This 'matrixy' sale :- ) ... will end this Sunday night at 11:59 PM.

Let's make it a WHITE Friday, by sending the link above to your friends & family too. These make great Christmas gifts as well!

Now lets get your powers activated.

... Yours in Service.

The Unknown Lightwarrior

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