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EXTREME Events Occurring - 3min Simon Parks Meditation Tmrw, + More​

Time, energy & research that normally goes into compiling another empowering blockbuster episode of Ground Crew Command ... had to go to a mass 5hr energy session with The Teams ...

... to deal with the dark ones in their most desperate & vicious state.

Yes ... it does have to do with the mass-underground Cabal bases under the Amazon, (which is the cause of the fires).

We have to realize that a large conventional military coalition force (mostly United States Marines) were beginning to suffer serious casualties from desperate defense of these bases by the dark ones, in these vast underground complexes under the Amazon.

And progress with this latest White-Hat offensive was slow.

This is all that can be said for now.

Because of the still very volatile situation, the off-world Light Forces are calling for us to do as many private remote planetary clearing sessions as possible.

... but most importantly ...

Simon Parkes is calling for a 3 min Meditation tmrw

at 10 PM Thursday, August 29th - UK Summer Time

2 PM California - 5 PM New York - 11 PM Berlin - 6 AM Tokyo

Here's an excerpt from his call-out:

" ... In 2015 I called on you all in regard to the Hadron Collider. Four years later I must call on you again, this time to save the Amazon Rain Forest which is being deliberately burnt down. Will you please find time for a 3 minute meditation on Thursday 29th August at 10pm British Summer Time. Will you please meditate positive and loving energy to get these fires under control. We used 3 minutes on the Hadron collider so do not think that 3 minute is pointless, I do not expect any negative interference in the meditation on this occasion. With Love, With Light, With Strength ..."


Note: This is the first time in 4 YEARS that Simon has called for a meditation to deal with a crisis situation like this.

As always … as powerful as collective consciousness is, combining it with the unmatched ...


… of The Teams has been a critical part in preventing things from seriously going south during (as one of hundreds of examples) the Lion’s Gate and opening the way for an unprecedented clearing of the plasma anomaly on August 11th.

144k Revitalized

Spread this....

(New Recruitment Page)

This revitalization process for the 144k … the Special-Ops of the Starseed civilian population on the surface (which numbers up to 6 million) … is close to completion.

Check out the much improved new 144k Recruitment Page ... and share it far and wide....

The predicted DNA Upgrade/Activation period of Aug 10-15 was shut down

... and here's what we can do about it

As explained in the previous week’s blockbuster episode … most haven’t reported anything regarding the DNA Upgrade predicted for this August window.

Rest-assured … the prediction was accurate, but often as with so much of the intel on such things …

... there’s little understanding of the situation here on Earth, and the higher level messengers from outside the veil often don’t fully appreciate the extent of things like implants … a fundamental part of the grid of veil which locks the matrix in place.

Most on this notification list have not taken advantage of the free download of the new implant visualization, with the Gamalghoom,

(BRILLIANT auric technicians).

It’s about 30mins - available for free at the 144k Member's Area (scroll down to radio section).

It involves implants that suppress DNA & also monitor overall frequency (especially when it rises) ….

Addressing these particular implants is an intrinsic and necessary prelude to DNA Activation ... as long as the matrix still exists.

This technique doesn't actually involve removing the implants ... because they would simply get replaced by the Matrix. This is a technique that has been developed to allow you to activate your DNA, raise your frequency, and do your soul mission, without the Matrix detecting you!

So tune in to this new approach oto this massive issue, to realize your power & freedom sooner.

Click the link below to the 144k Member’s Area.

... as we all march on to freedom, here on Ground Crew Command - (live, almost every Wed night - now at 8 PM EDT) ...

... YOUR central support network; and your weekly dose of empowering clarity, inspiration & motivation to get you through the Archon invented "work week".

Live broadcasts, downloads & previous Ground Crew Command episodes are right here at your internet home ...

the 144k Member's Area!

(if you're using a different browser/device from what you originally joined with, you'll need to re-enter your email , then scroll down a bit to the radio section)

Yours In Service ...

The Unknown Lightwarrior


The host of Ground Crew Command Radio & organizer of the 144,000 Activation Campaign is The Unknown Lightwarrior: a member of a powerful team of Lightwarriors & Lightworkers who either remotely or in person, clear & restore to the Light; natural and man made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, and plasma planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to the Event. To learn about the Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project, and/or the Activation of the 144,000 Campaign, or to access powerful healing (down to soul level) ... clearing ... energy surgery ... DNA Activation & psychic help, with Macro Level Light Beings to return to your power ... go to:

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