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CONGRATULATIONS 144K - Aug 8th Lion's Gate Green Lit + Mass Meditation De-Brief. Cobra also confirms

... the 144K DID step forward &

DID what it does best.



Well done to all 144K Members who were able to join!

We made the difference in saving & upgrading the timeline ... and this time we also have independent indicators of our success from Cobra, who is not always aware of 144K activities.

Just 30mins before we got started (time-stamp circled in red, in PDT), he posted:

... which meant - the game was ON - and the 144K's timing was well guided!

Grid ratio failure likely means - ratio of Light & Dark energies on the grid is now in favor of the dark)

Although it's possible, it's unlikely the above attack occurred in an attempt to prevent the 144K Meditation. It's more likely that non-physical darkness was attacking due to the pivotal opportunity the Lions-Gate astrological influence of Aug 8th provides to gain control of the timelines. This is typically preceded by - or followed up with - a negative activity [ex, rituals & false flag] by the physical dark ones.

Then ... within 20mins before the completion of our 144K Meditation just after 3pm Pacific time [PDT], Cobra again posted that the Security Breach has been deflected, and something [seemingly] positive had started (note the time stamp):

Normally ... it takes anywhere from 24 to 72 hours for such breaches on 504 to be deflected. So mostly likely ...

... we got it done in 2 hours, and potentially saved the Lion's Gate timeline situation for humanity & Goddess Gaia.

If you're new ... we normally get major weather changes & changes in energies after 144K Meditations, (which also happened) ... but this seeming & independent confirmation from Cobra was NICE.

We primarily worked on clearing all demonic kingdoms, who are loosely independent of Archons ... Draco ... & Chimera. But were causing major issues due to the increasing Light coming in this year.

Here's some other reports from other Members, clarifying what we did on this pivotal juncture for liberation.

Early Reports From Other 144K Members

The demonic kingdoms appeared and I was seeing them dissolving in brilliant bright light, breathing and envisioning this so strongly - your releasing words came as no surprise!

144K Member

At one point I physically jolted as I used a planetary vacuum cleaner which sucked with the power of a black hole all the blackness stuck beneath the surface of LA as long strings and filaments were pulled from there -  it literally felt like that lost sock under the couch getting pulled violently through the big vacuum hose.   

   I then pointed the suction at NY with the same results.   Then it was Toronto and then a whole bunch of sites  in the eastern USA.  Lots of blackness evacuated from this dimension.  Then the proverbial vacuum cleaner bag was emptied universes away and scrambled in tiny pieces And spread each across time... never to reassemble again.   

   An intense magenta hue rolled across the surface of Gaia replacing all voids and lightening the mood for all beings.  Bliss broke out on the etheric plane with an optimism permeating into the physical.  It won’t be much longer now.  :)


144K Member


After 3pm, (where the call cut-off for many) for the last 20mins we were finishing with some more clean-up work on the mental plane.

Once again ... a big congratulations for all who attended. We were clearly needed, and it does seem that we've made the most of the Lion's Gate timeline opportunity to upgrade the timelines yet again.

.... and we will keep doing this as long as we are needed ...


Not a 144K Member?

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The Unknown Lightwarrior


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