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Strong Solar Winds Driving Darkness Crazy. Harvest Moon Meditation Fri 29th



Equinox Meditation TIMES/LINKS at bottom of this email!

Our meditations have been so successful, that the sub-quantum anomaly & Lurker have been 'compressed down' to the surface area of the planet much sooner than what the Light Forces expected.

When combined with the extra-intense solar winds pouring in through the broken-up magneto-sphere (typical of Equinoxes) ... we have all the remaining darkness going absolutely ballistic.

Monday was especially brutal, causing alarm bells to go off for an on-the-fly planetary clearing we did ... to bring things under control. And it did pass.

But today ... if you're still 'dragging', it's because of the sustained nature of a mass planetary Equinox purge & Light Codes Upgrade these solar winds are bringing ... that's also triggered unresolved internal blocks to come up for removal.

And of course ... Light Code Upgrades also trigger internal/DNA upgrades & re-wiring, which causes a lot processing ... which in turn uses up a lot of personal energy!

So make sure you're doing something robust for yourself to clear whatever comes up ... otherwise fatigue & emotions get out of control.

Tomorrow, I'll update you on the astrological side of this Harvest Full Moon + other relevant intel you need to know.

Don't waste your time distracting yourself with too much 3D alt media news ... because that will dramatically change once the sub-quantum anomaly on the surface is cleared past a certain critical-mass amount.

You're with the right Team ... at the right time ... on the right planet :- )

This 144K Intervention will be shorter this time, so be sure to join to calm things down & win the energy war way sooner - to trigger Galactic Family contact which quickly leads to life-transformation ... and I'll be getting more into that next week.

Sept 29 Harvest Super Full Moon

144K Mass Meditation

To Join this 144K Advanced Mass Meditation, go to:

See you where it matters most ...

:- )

Yours In Service ...

The Unknown Lightwarrior

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