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The Equinox Threshold - Flip To a Light Run World! - Sept 23 Meditation Times

TIMES/LINKS are at bottom of this email!


There was always going to be a point where that final FLIP - from dark to Light - was going to occur on the surface of this planet.

This whole Solar System, especially sub-lunar space, has been so riddled with so much darkness, that it prolonged the bondages of mental, spiritual & physical slavery.

It frustrated final liberation for so long.

But now Dear Ones - we're on the verge of that elusive breakthrough, even on the surface!

And the 144K has earned it - for the ALL.

Further more ... Patricia Cota-Robles explains that at this time of the Equinox period, a Divine Alchemy is taking place for all our non-physical & physical bodies.

She says that new Solar Light Codes are recalibrating our nervous systems & intensifying the Light flowing through our acupuncture meridians ... and that we'll serve as surrogates on behalf of all of humanity.

Well ... I don't know about you, but I'd like to see this new Solar Light actually reach the surface, unfiltered, undiluted & unskewed.

The dark ones aren't stupid. This is why they have mechanisms in place to stop or dilute such Light.

This is why Cobra doesn't really go on about such a thing, because he knows it gets suppressed or skewed, by the time it reaches the surface - where we have the sub-quantum anomaly altering things (albeit, less so now).

Having a 'feel-good' conference may be fun ... but the 144K is about actualization.

Moreover ... I prefer to go up ... up there ... way beyond the earthly realms, to get an unfiltered & accelerated dose of DNA & Lightbody upgrade.

That's what happens to you, every time you join the 144K Mass Meditations & stay in such super-high frequencies.

That's why I've received unsolicited emails from members, about their lives starting to turn-around since joining the 144K Meditations, even though the war has been brutal on most of us.

Get your accelerated & undiluted Light Body Activation, this Equinox ... by joining this 144K Special-Ops Equinox Meditation!

Prepare - to swing into action.

And as always ... Keep your eye on the prize, which is - removal of the sub-quantum anomaly (& physical bio-chips) will....

"... change the rules of the game on this planet, and this will begin to finally trigger the changes we have all been waiting for, for so long."

Sept Equinox

144K Advanced Mass Meditation

To join the 144K Meditation, click to the official 144K Site.

See you where it matters most ...

:- )

Yours In Service ...

The Unknown Lightwarrior

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